Such an event is where sportsmen compete in sailing yachts or large sailing boats. The essence of the championship is that several representatives compete to be the first to pass a specific route. The distance can be determined by storms, stationary navigation devices or divided into several intervals.

Such tournaments appeared as early as the seventeenth century. It is believed that the founders of this sport were the Dutch. Since its inception, many different tournaments have been invented for players from all over the world to demonstrate their skills and abilities.

Yacht racing is a field where equipment plays a big role. The design, the improvements of the frigate, the available mechanism and the size of the transport cannot be ignored.

Modern competitions are held within the framework of the Rules of Sailing Races, created for the honesty, transparency and fairness of racing back in 1928. World Sailing, the governing body of the industry, is constantly updating and improving the rules.

Depending on the coverage of the route, races can last a different amount of time. The format of the championship is divided into Coastal, Offshore, Oceanic and Worldwide. The most popular events of the aforementioned formats are listed below.

America’s Cup is one of the most prestigious competitions in this sport

Previously, it had a different format, but in recent years it is considered a coastal tournament. Auld Mug is the old name of the competition and it is believed that this race is one of the oldest types of international championships. The event covers the races of two participants.

The parties are divided into a sailing yacht from the same club, this is the winner of the trophy from the past competition and the yacht of the contender for victory. The event is held every couple of years, and the sportsmen agree upon the dates. Usually, the break is no more than 4 years.

Transpacific race by yacht as the format of offshore competition

One of the popular sea races is held every two years in odd years. The start is from the San Pedro area of Los Angeles. 2,225 nautical miles later, the finish near Honolulu. Sportsmen use the event as an opportunity to demonstrate their spinnaker skills in the trade winds.

The Rolex Fastnet Regatta is a classic representative of a large offshore event

The regatta begins in Causeway, then the participants sail down the English Channel, and swim out into the Celtic Sea, where they wash the rocks of Fastnet, turning back. The return route differs only in the final point, which is in Plymouth.

This distance is sailed since 1925 every two years. The championship is complicated by the presence of strong westerly winds. Route Du Rhum as a famous transatlantic race

Created in 1978, it takes place every four years. The race consists of single competitors and crewed boats. In November, the yachts depart from the northern coast of France and sail about 3,700 miles. A special event is the diversity of participant classes and the mixing of genres. Sailing professionals and amateurs can compete on equal footing.

The Ocean Race – the longest one

Among the races, it is quite a popular event. It takes place every four to three years and lasts nine months. The competition has existed since 1973 under the description of the longest and most difficult event for athletes.

Nine stages are usually passed only by professionals. Participants face such difficulties as unpredictable weather conditions and solving difficulties in the process of uninterrupted maintenance of the vessel. In total, the route covers 27,930 miles.

The Vendee Globe – endurance test

It is considered a difficult race. The peculiarity lies in the fact that the athletes participate without outside help. They will not receive weather or route guidance, nor are they allowed to dock. Since 1989, every four years, participants have competed in a non-stop round-the-world tournament.

Maritime transport sails up to 24,000 nautical miles per week from November to February. The start and end points are in France. Single-hull yachts are allowed to participate, according to the criteria of the Open 60 class.

Barcelona World Race as a good start for sportsmen

The world’s most attended championship. Since 1969, it has been an annual event with thousands of participants. Open 60 IMOCA monohull boats with two athletes are regatta participants. There is a division into categories depending on their LOA.

Sailors aged eight and over are allowed to compete, and kitesurfers and windsurfers can also participate. The Gulf of Trieste is the starting point. About 25,000 fans come to watch the swim from Italy.

Hope this information helps you choose your favourite yacht racing event!